Quantum Assurance International, Inc. Partners with Startup Branch Insurance to Offer an Easy and Affordable Way to Bundle Home and Auto Insurance.

Announcing Branch Insurance + Quantum Assurance

Quantum Assurance is now able to offer their customers a solution to bundle their home& car insurance in as little as thirty seconds, hassle-free, and at an affordable rate.

Fredericksburg, VA (February 12, 2021): Quantum Assurance International, Inc. today announced a new partnership with Branch Insurance, the startup that pioneered bundling home and auto insurance online. This partnership will improve and enhance the customer experience by offering an innovative insurtech solution that helps customers bundle and save money, making it possible for more people to obtain insurance.

“The Branch partnership allows us to work with an exciting insurtech that is focused on easy insurance that is budget friendly for clients,“ said Justin Eggar, Chief Executive Officer at Quantum Assurance International, Inc. “Branch’s offering of home, auto and umbrella policies and aggressive country wide expansion plans make them a great fit for Quantum agents and clients.” “We’re excited to partner with an agency that shares our mission of helping more people access high-quality, affordable insurance,” said Steve Reffitt, Director of Agency Development at Branch Insurance. “We're looking forward to introducing Branch's new-age technology to the independent agency space andshaping the future of insurance alongside Quantum Assurance."

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The benefits of this new partnership include.

  • Reducing friction in the insurance-buying experience by giving agents the ability to offer customers a firm price for bundled home and auto insurance in seconds, using just a few pieces of information. There is no need for lengthy forms or time-consuming data gathering.
  • Branch is well-priced and dedicated to making insurance more affordable, enabling Quantum Assurance to offer their customers greater savings and help more people get insured.
  • Allowing our agents to offer insurance coverage to Quantum Assurance customers that provides additional discounts and rewards through Branch’s innovative community programs, which leverage the power of community to make insurance less expensive.

About Quantum Assurance International, Inc

Quantum Assurance International, Inc., is a national independent insurance agency focused on delivering the efficiencies of direct to consumer insurance models with the protection, competitiveness, and versatility of the independent insurance market. Quantum’s approach is simple: Understand the risk completely; educate the customer completely; protect the policyholder completely! We understand! You Deserve Options! To learn more about becoming a Quantum Assurance International Independent Agent visit: https://www.quantumassurance.com/agents

About Branch Insurance

Branch Insurance utilizes innovative technology to make bundling home and auto insurance online quicker and easier than ever before. By tapping into the power of community, Branch is on a mission to make insurance more accessible and affordable for everyone. Branch was founded in 2017 by insurance veteran Steve Lekas and tech entrepreneur Joe Emison, and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Branch is underwritten by the Branch Insurance Exchange and General Security National Insurance Company (GSNIC) and backed by SCOR SE, all A-rated insurance entities. To learn more, visit ourbranch.com.

Media Contact
Abby Thoresen, Marketing Specialist, Quantum Assurance International, Inc. abby.thoresen@quantumassurance.com

Ally Majewski, PR Media Specialist, Branch Insurance ally@ourbranch.com

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