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Meet Buna Mandell Agency Owner of Pinnacle Insurance Agency & Associates providing a true fit insurance experience for all your coverage needs in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Dallas, Texas: Quantum Assurance International, Inc. introduces Buna Mandell, an independent insurance agency owner at Pinnacle Insurance Agency & Associates. Buna joined Quantum Assurance as an independent insurance agent in July 2020 and opened her insurance agency in Asheville, North Carolina expanding to now cover Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. 

Buna grew up in Asheville, NC, and in San Diego, CA. She has been in the insurance business since the age of 17 with experience in property, casualty, life, health, and business insurance. Before coming to Quantum, she owned multiple award-winning insurance agencies that were in the top 2% of the company.

“Buna is an incredible entrepreneur who has seen amazing success in both the captive and independent insurance worlds. Her phenomenal leadership and understanding of her industry has led her to be one of the most successful agents in the country. I am excited to see what Buna will achieve in the coming years!” - Joe Luminiello, Agency Deployment Leader, Quantum Assurance
“I joined Quantum Assurance because they are the most innovative company in the business. Quantum is made up of an amazing team that supports agents and agency growth along with providing the best carriers and solutions for clients!" - Buna Mandell Agency Owner of Pinnacle Insurance Agency & Associates

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When you work with Pinnacle Insurance Agency & Associates, you can expect:

  • A thorough client needs analysis to ensure that we are providing the proper coverage at the best price for each customer.
  • Coverage recommendations to each client based on their individual needs to provide a true fit insurance approach.
  • Annual policy reviews to each client to make sure that there aren’t any life changes that have happened that might be a cause for a coverage change and that they are getting all of the discounts and savings possible.

Quantum Assurance International is an independent insurance organization serving clients through our flagship call centers as well as our agency force. We reduce friction during the client experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology and by matching our clients with premier choices from top-rated insurance carriers across the country. To learn more about becoming a Quantum Assurance International Independent Agent, visit: www.QuantumAssurance.com

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Facebook: facebook.com/QuantumAssurance/

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/QuantumAssurance

Instagram: instagram.com/quantumassurance

About Pinnacle Insurance Agency & Associates:

Pinnacle Insurance Agency & Associates is a team of licensed agents specializing in providing quality protection. We specialize in providing a true fit insurance experience for all your coverage needs. With over 10 years of insurance experience with protecting families, we’re confident we can provide you the best coverage for the best rate. To learn more visit: www.pinnacleinsuranceagencies.com


 For more information contact: 

Buna Mandell Agency Owner of Pinnacle Insurance Agency &Associates

Office: 828-383-9633

Email: buna.mandell@quantumassurance.com 

Web: www.pinnacleinsuranceagencies.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/pinnacle-insurance-agency-associates

Facebook: facebook.com/pinnacleinsuranceagency


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