Quantum Assurance International announces partnership with GloveBox™, an all-encompassing mobile app for customers

GloveBox™ will enhance Quantum’s customer experience by empowering individuals to access and manage their insurance like never before

Dallas, TexasQuantum Assurance International, Inc. announces partnership with GloveBox™, the direct carrier connected mobile and web app platform for independent agents to enhance the customer experience. 

GloveBox™ is a centralized mobile and web application allowing insurance policyholders to access their policy documents, pay a bill, initiate a claim and so much more regardless of which carrier their policies are written with. The goal of GloveBox™is to enhance the customer experience for the insurance client while reducing service costs and increasing overhead for both agencies and carriers.

“The independent agency channel is frequently bogged down with tech stack fragmentation that can negatively impact both agencies and clients. GloveBox™ provides a meaningful solution in this space via a client-friendly app and consumer experience that draws client interactions back to their agency-branded environment where automation can serve them effectively. This enhances the agency's brand while meaningfully serving the clients' needs with a frictionless user experience. We’re thrilled to partner with an innovative team like GloveBox™ to amplify our client experience.” says Justin Eggar, ChiefExecutive Officer at Quantum Assurance International, Inc.

“Adding Quantum Assurance to our list of agency partners elevates our group in a number of ways and we’re proud to have them utilizingGloveBox™ for their policyholders. The technology will provide support for both internal operations and customer experience which is necessary during the typeof rapid growth they are seeing at their agency” says Ryan Mathisen, CEO,Glovebox™

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With the Quantum App through Glovebox™, Quantum’s customers will get direct access to:

  • Locate insurance documents and ID cards.
  • Pay a bill.
  • Submit a claim to their carrier.
  • Request a quote, and much more!

About Quantum Assurance International, Inc.:

Quantum Assurance International is an independent insurance organization serving clients through our flagship call centers as well as our agency force. We reduce friction during the client experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology and by matching our clients with premier choices from top-rated insurance carriers across the country. To learn more about becoming aQuantum Assurance International Independent Agent, visit: www.QuantumAssurance.com

Connect with us on social media:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/quantum-assurance-international/

Facebook: facebook.com/QuantumAssurance/

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/QuantumAssurance

Instagram: instagram.com/quantumassurance

About GloveBox™:

Founded in 2019, Denver-based GloveBox™ aims to simplify insurance policy access for consumers by aggregating policy documents, regardless of carrier, in one centralized location. The founders are made up of three insurance professionals who helped build a smaller independent agency into one of the top producing agencies in the country. GloveBox™ is available in iOS or visit the web app http://my.gloveboxapp.com/. Visit their website at www.gloveboxapp.com

Media Contact:

Abby Thoresen, Marketing Specialist, Quantum AssuranceInternational, Inc.


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