Quantum Assurance International, Inc. Partners With Digital Auto Insurance Provider, Clearcover

Clearcover, the smarter car insurance choice, is helping Quantum Assurance by offering their customers the ability to pay eligible auto claims instantly and in minutes!

Fredericksburg, VA: Quantum Assurance International, Inc. today announced a new partnership with Clearcover. This partnership will improve and enhance the customer experience by offering our clients the ability to have car insurance that costs less for better coverage and to be able to pay eligible claims in as little as thirty minutes.

"At Quantum we are passionate about connecting our clients with insurance solutions that fit their wants,needs, and lifestyle. The Clearcover app and speed of claims service help us to deliver on those initiatives," says Justin Eggar, Chief Executive Officer at Quantum Assurance International, Inc. "We are excited to work with Clearcover as they leverage insurtech to make purchasing insurance seamless for our Quantum clients."


“Providing customers with a seamless and digital car insurance experience and having a partner that shares this same value is important to us. We are delighted to welcome Quantum and their customers to smarter car insurance,” says Nick Shutwell, Senior Vice President of Growth at Clearcover.  

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The benefits of this new partnership will include:

  • Offering our customers, a product that provides better coverage for less money.
  • Providing our customers access to Clearcover’s award-winning app in which they can manage their payments, file a claim, and chat directly with customer advocates. Their app is easy to use and has high ratings!
  • Allowing our customers to save money by eliminating the costs that drive up rates at bigger insurance carriers.

About Quantum Assurance International, Inc.:

Quantum Assurance International is an independent insurance organization serving clients through our flagship call centers as well as our agency force. We reduce friction during the client experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology and by matching our clients with premier choices from top-rated insurance carriers across the country. To learn more about becoming a Quantum Assurance International Independent Agent, visit: www.QuantumAssurance.com


Connect with us on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/quantum-assurance-international/

Facebook: facebook.com/QuantumAssurance/ 

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/QuantumAssurance 

Instagram: instagram.com/quantumassurance

About Clearcover:

Clearcover is the smarter car insurance choice, offering better coverage for less money. Clearcover's API-first approach enables customers to have great insurance at affordable rates. The company's powerful technology coupled with their dedicated Customer Advocate team ensures a quality experience. Backed by one of the world's biggest reinsurers and built for modern drivers, Clearcover makes it easy to get reliable car insurance in minutes.

To learn more, visit: https://clearcover.com/ 
Connect with us on Twitter: @Clearcover
Facebook: facebook.com/clearcoverinc
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/clearcover-inc./

Media Contact:

Abby Thoresen , Marketing Specialist | Quantum Assurance International, Inc. | abby.thoresen@quantumassurance.com


Kelsey Glynn, Reputation Manager | Clearcover | press@clearcover.com

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