Quantum Assurance International, Inc. Partners With Pathpoint, for a More Efficient E&S Solution

Announcing Pathpoint + Quantum Assurance

Fredericksburg, VA: Quantum Assurance International, Inc. today announced a new partnership with Pathpoint. This partnership will improve and enhance the customer experience by turning around quick quotes and get competitive quotes much faster and efficiently.

“The past few months we have seen tremendous success with Pathpoint and their wholesale E&S solution. As a technology company they have done an excellent job of creating agent friendly access across multiple verticals and highly rated carriers. At Quantum we are leveraging Pathpoint to further improve our efficiency in the E&S channel as well as our ability to offer timely solutions to our clients.” - Justin Eggar, Chief Executive Officer at Quantum Assurance International, Inc.

“The whole team at Pathpoint is really excited about our partnership with Quantum Assurance. They’re an exceptional group of people doing great work for their clients. Together, we’re making it easier for business owners to access and understand their insurance, enabling people to be ambitious.” - Dan Coakley, Marketing Representative, Pathpoint.

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The benefits of this new partnership will include

  • Creating a fast solution that can make the experience of buying and selling E&S more efficient.
  • Allowing our retail agents to connect with more carriers to get more competitive quote for our customers.
  • Improving our quoting process for Quantum’s customers by receiving multiple quotes, in one place in minutes! This solution will help us deliver the best possible quote for our customers.

About Quantum Assurance International, Inc

Quantum Assurance International, Inc., is a national independent insurance agency focused on delivering the efficiencies of direct to consumer insurance models with the protection, competitiveness, and versatility of the independent insurance market. Quantum’s approach is simple: Understand the risk completely; educate the customer completely; protect the policyholder completely! We understand! You Deserve Options!To learn more about becoming a Quantum Assurance International Independent Agent visit: https://www.quantumassurance.com/agents

About Pathpoint

Pathpoint, Inc. is the insurance industry’s first digital wholesale broker, combining world-class technology and first-class service to give agents bindable quotes from multiple, best-in-class E&S carriers in minutes. Thanks to the efficiencies gained from the technology, Pathpoint distributes these products at lower cost than other brokers. As a surplus lines brokerage licensed across the U.S. and a cover holder at Lloyd’s of London, Pathpoint distributes admitted and non-admitted products across multiple lines of business to U.S.-based retail agents. To learn more, visit: www.pathpoint.com

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