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Get your free quote today with Quantum and receive the best coverage for your rented possessions. 

Renters Insurance

We don’t always own the things that we have, maybe you’re just renting them, and that’s okay we got you covered. Get your free quote today with Quantum and receive the best coverage for your rented possessions.
 Renters insurance covers a place or things that you do not own, but are renting. Renters mainly apply to apartments or homes that you are renting. 

You may be renting it, but you also want to make sure that it has the best coverage that you can get for it. Get your free quote with quantum today and start saving as soon as possible

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Basics of Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is designed primarily to cover your family’s possessions while renting a home. That includes covering furniture, electronics, jewelry, clothing, and so on. This coverage applies to negative situations including damage from fire and smoke, vandalism, lightning, wind, damage from water, and theft.

  • Your rental-insurance policy should also include personal liability coverage, which means you will be protected in the case of a lawsuit if someone is injured while in your home. Or if someone is injured by one of your pets.
  • Most renters policies will include financial support to pay for temporary housing if you are forced to leave your home.
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  • By getting Renters insurance, you are showing responsibility by providing the best coverage for the things that you are renting. Get in touch with one of our agents and check out the perks of having Renters insurance. Get your free quote today with Quantum. 
  • With Quantum, you are guaranteed the best coverage there is to offer. Get your free quote with Quantum and start saving today.
  • Renters insurance can also cover your property even if it’s not in your home. With Renters, you may even be covered under the circumstances that your living space becomes uninhabitable, with getting the cost for a temporary living space covered.

Renting is a big responsibility. Take a look at the Renting coverages that Quantum has to offer for you.

Personal Property

The cost to repair or replace your belongings, such as clothing, furniture and electronics, up to the limits in your policy


Repairs if you accidentally damage someone else’s property or a guest’s medical bills if you’re found responsible for their injuries

Additional Living Expenses

Additional costs you incur, like hotel bills, if the residence you rent is damaged and left uninhabitable

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