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Life Insurance

What it is Life Insurance?
It's a policy that covers expenses in the unfortunate event that you were to pass away. With Life insurance, your dependents would be covered with your expenses in the midst of your passing

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Is Life Insurance For You?

You may be thinking when is a good time to get life insurance, and the best answer is any time. You want to make sure that you are covered in the best way possible and as soon as possible. Life insurance is not something you want to wait on to get. 

Although life insurance is something good to get at all times, some key points that are more important for you to get it are if you get married, are starting a family, or if you just bought a new place to live. Make the best decision today and get covered with life insurance. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get your free quote with Quantum today and start saving big. Going with Quantum is the best choice you can make, and it is the best way to go in getting all your coverages taken care of properly. 

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To elaborate more on the options that you have with Quantum, let’s go over a few other coverages that you can receive. 

Term life insurance

Term life insurance is simple in that it only pays benefits if the person insured dies during the terms of the policy. (And it should be noted that term-life policies can range anywhere from one to thirty years.) So, if you were to pass away during the agreed-upon time range for the policy, your beneficiaries would receive the agreed-upon financial amount.

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance  policies usually last for the entirety of your life. (They last for your “whole life,” in other words.) And you typically pay the same premium for as long as you have the policy. Second, Whole Life policies have cash value. Meaning, you can actually benefit from the policy without dying. You can withdraw some or all of the cash value, and even use it as collateral to borrow money.

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