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Having your own car is great and having the right coverage for your vehicle is a top necessity.
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Auto Insurance

Having your own car is great, it’s good for getting you from point a to point b and having the right coverage for your vehicle is a top necessity. Cars are not only something that you own, but they are a part of you, they become a family, and it would be best to treat them as such. Being insured by Quantum Assurance provides the best coverage by getting insured through our top coverage plans. Get your free Quote from Quantum today!

The benefit for you as a car owner and driver is that you receive financial support and other types of assistance if you are involved in an automobile accident. In other words, if you do get in an accident, you’re not alone; you’re covered.In fact, in most cases, your car insurance policy will make sure you pay only a fraction of the total cost of an auto accident—including medical costs and the cost to repair or replace the vehicles involved.

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Basics of Auto Insurance

With Quantum, you are ensuring the best protection for your vehicle, and not only are you providing the best, but you are also saving more along the way. Get your free quote today with Quantum. 

  • Car insurance is a must, and you should be providing the best quality insurance for your vehicle that you can. 
  • We don’t only cover collision accidents, car insurance is also useful for other forms of damages caused to your vehicle. For example, say a natural disaster happens to hit, and your vehicle is affected by this, depending on your coverage damages to your vehicle would be taken care of. 
  • Car insurance comes in when you are involved in a wreck and don’t have the finances to cover the expenses yourself. 
  • Accidents happen, and we must be prepared for anything. 
  • Even a windshield crack caused by a pebble can be covered.
  • Don’t second guess it, get a free quote with Quantum Assurance and start saving today
Don’t just stop at auto insurance, bundle auto and home insurance today and save even more. 
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Owning a vehicle is a big responsibility. Take a look at the auto coverages that Quantum has to offer for you.


Bodily injury liability covers medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other special damages. Property damage liability covers damaged property, and may include loss of use. Liability coverage pays for damages that occur in an accident when you are at fault. Most importantly, this includes both medical and property costs, and it includes damages suffered by both you and any other parties involved in the accident. Liability insurance is critical because it protects you from lawsuits if you are sued after an accident.


Collision coverage covers collision with another vehicle, and collision with an object.When you have collision coverage, you receive money to repair or replace your car if you’re involved in an accident—even if the accident is your fault. Most policies require you to pay a specified sum of money toward the repairs first, which is called the “deductible.” Once you’ve met the deductible, the insurance company pays for the rest of the damages.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) 

This coverage is used to pay for medical expenses caused by a vehicle collision. PIP helps with medical expenses and rehabilitation. 


Comprehensive covers all other damage to your vehicle such as vandalism, theft, natural disasters, and many more. Comprehensive coverage is called “comprehensive” because it applies to anything that might happen to your car other than an accident—theft, vandalism, falling rocks or branches, storm damage, flood damage, and more

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Off-road vehicles.

We got you covered with with Off Road vehicles as well

Our coverage helps in all sorts of situations. If you are involved in a collision, we got you covered. Get a free quote today with Quantum and see what coverages apply to your off road vehicle.

As far as off road vehicles, you have options for the vehicle you own. Minibikes Snowmobiles Dirt bikes Dune buggies Golf carts 3-wheel, 4-wheel and 6-wheel ATVs Camping trailers are all apart of our selection for off road vehicles that are covered. Don’t see one listed on there that you might have questions about? Get a free quote today and see if your vehicle qualifies, or get in touch with one of our agents to get the information you’re looking for. 

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