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Workers Compensation

Employers are required to provide coverage for work related injuries. If an employee is injured while performing a work or employment related task, then workers compensation would come into play. Workers compensation does not apply to the employee getting injured with non work related injuries, for example say they are at the park and happen to injure themselves, workers compensation would not cover them. 

Employers are required by law in most states to be insured with workers comp insurance. Choosing to not be insured with workers comp could be a huge liability as it would put your business at a risk for being sued over work related injuries. Not only would that, but there is also the risk of being fined for not complying to state laws. 

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What it doesn’t cover

Workers comp. does not cover non-work related injuries. Under the circumstance that the employee is intoxicated or under the influence and were to get injured while on the job, that would also not be covered under workers comp. 

Who is covered under workers compensation

Mainly employees would be the ones covered by workers compensation. Get in touch with one of our agents and get your free quote today with Quantum. 

Sole Proprietor

Sole proprietors with no employees are usually not required to provide workers compensation insurance. However, sole proprietor workers comp. policy would help with medical expenses in the chance that you were to get injured on the job. Get a quote with Quantum today. 

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