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Owning Rental property can be a risk, and for that you must make sure that you have the right coverage at all time. Get your free quote with Quantum today

Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance covers you when you are renting out your property. All kinds of property can be covered such as an apartment complex, condos, houses, etc. 

If you are a Landlord and are looking to rent out your property, you want to make sure that your property is properly covered. By getting insured with Quantum, you are ensuring that your property has the best coverage available. You want to protect yourself and anyone who you are renting out to at all times. 
As a Landlord, you can experience any calls from your tenant from a leaky pipe to them tripping and breaking a bone. For these circumstances, you must make sure you have the right coverage for any scenario that may appear to you. 

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Before deciding to rent out any of your property to any potential tenants, make sure you have the proper Homeowner insurance.
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With the proper comprehensive coverage, you will be covered for the following


This will cover medical and legal costs that might arise if the tenant or a visitor were to get injured on the property 


You will be covered for your property if anything were to happen to it or to anything inside, and this will be covered in the case of natural disasters, fire, vandalism, electric failures, irresponsible tenants, etc. 

Emergency coverage 

Covers you for the cost of traveling to said property and fixing and issues you were called upon to fix.

Flood insurance 

Best suited for places located in areas with a higher possibility of flooding

Guaranteed income insurance

Covers you in the case that the tenant is short on the rent or doesn’t pay at all. 

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