Commercial Umbrella Insurance
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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

A Commercial Umbrella Policy serves as an extra liability coverage that covers that cost that goes over the liability limits. Commercial Umbrella takes over when your set liability limits have been reached. One example is say that your set liability limit is set for $500,000 and the cost that needs to be covered is set at $1,000,000 then the Commercial Umbrella Policy would cover the rest and add that extra liability coverage. 

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A Commercial Umbrella Policy is very similar to Umbrella Insurance. Umbrella insurance covers any extra expense that exceeds the already established limit on your insurance policy and a Commercial Umbrella Policy would add any extra coverage to the limits already in place with just the Umbrella Insurance. 

Umbrella covers from your home to your auto insurance. A Commercial Policy would add any extra coverage that is needed if the liability limits are exceeded. 

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